Update Alight Motion 3.7.1 di Bawah 5 Mb

Update Alight Motion 3.7.1 di Bawah 5 Mb

Update Alight Motion 3.7.1 di Bawah 5 Mb – Alight motion mod apk is an application specifically designed to create or process videos. Along with changes in increasingly sophisticated technology, making anime videos can be done only with an Android cellphone. There are various types of programs available, one of which is the Alight Motion Pro program.

This application is really suitable if you like making animated videos without the need to be tired of using a laptop again. This program is available in 2 versions, namely the free version and the pro version. Read the following discussion to find out the features in Alight Motion Pro Version and how to download it.

2020 can be viewed as an explosive year for mobile programs to make a movement impact. There are several thousand programs created around this topic.

However, do you know who was the first name to open this trend? This is a Downward Movement. This program was developed and launched by Alight Creative on the Play Store in late 2018.

This program quickly created a new trend of mobile photo-correction. Instead of applying classic filters and correction tools like Picsart , Alight Motion lets you add unique motion effects to your images and videos.

The program is available on Android and iOS, free to download. Alight Motion has received more than 10 million installs on the Play Store. This is the best and most popular motion impact program right now on mobile.

Many users quickly fall in love with this program because the user-friendly interface and powerful editing features it offers are truly amazing.

Alight Motion Mod Apk V 3.9.0 review

Alight motion is one of the many video editing programs on the Google Play Store that can be used to make moton-designs easily, concisely, and quickly. This application can be used perfectly only by using an Android cellphone.

The program makes it very easy for you to do video editing, such as adjusting colors and adding other points such as audio, images, text, and so on. The results of video recordings that are edited using this application can also be exported to MPEG and MP4 extensions

As I explained earlier, this application is divided into 2 versions, namely pro and free. To be able to enjoy complete features, therefore you have to use the pro version which is quite expensive.

However, at this time there is no need to worry if you want to use the pro version of the program, because some developers have modified it. Thus, you can use the Alight Motion pro version program and its complete features for free.

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Some of the Favorite Features of the Alight Motion Pro Application

Some of the Favorite Features of the Alight Motion Pro Application
Some of the Favorite Features of the Alight Motion Pro Application

As one of the recommended animation video editing programs, Alight Motion Pro version has several favorite features that will help optimize the results of the video edits you make. Here are some of the features that are the advantages of the Alight Motion pro version.

1. Keyframe Animation pro version

Keyframe animation as one of the features that you can sample from the Alight Motion pro version. Keyframes are frames or points used to identify striking transitions of an image.

The role of this feature is when you are going to move the image, so that the transition of the movement can be described in the keyframe. The image object shown can be equated by using a keyframe that is on the timeline.

In order to use this favorite feature, you can learn and understand the theory first. You can directly ask people who are experts in using this program or you can also watch the tutorial videos on YouTube.

2. Complete Guide

For those of you who are beginners and are using this program for the first time, you don’t need to be confused about how to use the various features in Alight Motion because there is a complete video guide.

This guide feature will be there automatically when you have installed it on your cellphone. This feature can be reached multiple times via the available menu whenever you need it.

3. Varied Effect Options

Changing an animated video will feel incomplete if it is not given a touch of impact, right? There are a variety of good effects available in the Alight Motion Pro program. Although the free version of the program also has an impact, the number is really limited and lacks variety.

The effects that the Alight Motion pro version has are separated into several groups including the effects of blur, color, light, image, and text. Along with the changes, the impact prepared by this program will increase and get better.

4. Cool and nice Effects Features

In addition, various types of effects are prepared, the Alight Motion program pro version provides a variety of additional features such as visual effects, vector blending, vector graphics, and color adjustments. All of these features you can use to produce interesting and good animated videos.

5. Complete Font Options

In editing video animation, text is one of the important components. This text is useful for providing more detailed info and description of a video as well as for displaying the title, player name, and other info.

When you use the free version of the program, the available font options will be limited. But on the contrary, if you use Alight Motion pro version, you can freely choose various types of fonts that are varied and unlocked (ready to use).

Not only that, you can also import your favorite font types from storage memory on your cellphone. The steps to import fonts are also easy, because you need to press the + button, then specify the font file you want to import.

6. Can Export Files of Various Types of Extensions

Another favorite feature that you can sample from this Alight Motion pro program is file export. This feature has been shared by many other video editing programs, but what compares is the file pattern options provided by Alight Motion Pro version is many from the others.

Some of the file pattern options available in this pro version program are PNG for images. GIF to create motion animation without soundtrack, and Mpeg for animation or complete video with sound. The quality of the videos made can also be equated with the desire to start from low to high resolution.

Download Alight Motion Pro Version Without Watermark + Preset

After knowing and understanding what Alight Motion pro version is and some of its favorite features, here are the details and links to download alight motion pro

Steps to Install and Use Alight Motion Pro APK

After downloading the Alight Motion pro version program via the link above, you must also install it first so that this program can be used. Here are the steps to install as well as steps to use the Alight Motion program.

  • The first way you have to do to install this program is to first open the file management program that you commonly use.
  • Then, open the folder where the downloaded program file is saved, then click the program file.
  • Click the Install button if you want permission to install programs from the 3rd faction, you can select the Allow option.
  • Wait a moment until the program is successfully installed, then click the Done option.
  • Click the Alight Motion program icon to open.
  • If the program is already open, you can click the + button to create a new project file.
  • Set project details such as frame rate, background type, ratio factor, and video resolution.
  • Click the Create Project option.
  • To add a background or shape to the video, you can press the + button in the lower right corner, then select the Image and Video option and specify the desired image.

From the information above, you don’t need to be confused again to make cool and interesting animated videos, right? With the presence of the Alight Motion Pro program that can be installed on this smartphone, it makes it easier for you to create and change animated videos quickly and concisely.

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The final word

PRO Unlock: You can connect and use all PRO features in the program for free (Including unique filters and advanced correction tools)

With notes:

  • Alight Motion MOD is currently only available for Android
  • If you get a “Program not installed” error, please remove the old version that has been on the device and then reinstall it.

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