Vamika Viral Photo Vamika’s Face Revealed In Viral Photos

Vamika Viral Photo Vamika's Face Revealed In Viral Photos

Vamika Viral Photo Vamika’s Face Revealed In Viral Photos After the photo of him became the talk for now.
In an upload that spread causing Vamika’s photo to be in the spotlight of netizens’ lips.

Indeed recently, Anushka had also written a message thanking the cameraman for not clicking on their daughter Vamika’s picture.

This is a very shocking piece of information and made the entire social media excited. Because the image of Vamika was caught in the camera of someone who took a photo of her.

During the India vs Africa match the actress and her husband Virat Kohli had explained the incident. That the camera is right there for him and the baby.

By occupying a VIP stands as the series progressed. Until in the end the screenshot went viral on social media, which was then deleted for no reason.

There are so many netizens who ask about the incident, why if you don’t want to take a picture but instead capture the toddler.

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Vamika Viral Photo Vamika’s Face Revealed In Viral Photos

Anushka and Virat are very secretive about Vamika’s photo, don’t know the exact explanation yet.

In an explanation spread on Instagram owned by Anushka Sharma’s account, he explained this. That he didn’t allow Vamika’s picture to be filmed, repeated even though he was concerned.

He tweeted, “We are aware that our daughter’s picture was taken at the stadium yesterday and was widely shared afterwards. We want to let everyone know that we were caught red-handed and had no idea that the camera was in front of us. Our attitude and requests on this matter remain the same. We would really appreciate it if Vamika’s images were not clicked/published for the reasons we explained earlier.”

You can see it in the shared Instagram tweet. So this is an incident that has indeed gone viral on social media due to Vamika’s photo.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have also asked a number of media related to the photo not to share it again. He even thanked the media because it was well received.

That is interesting information for you to know about the horrendous events on social media. This is information about Vamika Viral Photo Vamika’s Face Revealed In Viral Photos.

The Final Word

Maybe that’s the only review that we can convey, more or less, please forgive. We will discuss other viral information in the next session.

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